Kyushu University IUP International Undergraduate Programs in English

International Collaborative Capstone Project

What is ICCP ? :

International Collaborative Capstone Project (ICCP) is an innovative 1.5-year educational program for IUPE students and Japanese students who have completed their KIKAN education, in which agriculture and engineering students study together and collaborate. The program focuses on fostering the qualities and abilities necessary for scientists and engineers of the global era by solving global-scale problems through international collaboration and interdisciplinary fusion. Students will receive a certificate of completion by obtaining a certain number of credits in the "MEXT International Co-Learning Class of Science and Technology" and passing the "International Co-Learning Practice in Science and Technology (PBL; Project-Based Learning)" in which teams of students from agriculture and engineering work together.


Sophomore Spring/Summer 〜 Junior Spring/Summer (1.5 years)

Courses Minimum/All Credits 10/16
International Co-Learning Practice in Science and Technology 2 credits
Collaborative Fieldwork in Science and Technology I-III 1 to 3 credits
Technical Communication 1-3 6 credits
Japanese Languages Courses 1 to 5 credits


International Co-Learning Practice in Science and Technology

International students and Japanese students will work as a team to learn a series of processes, including setting issues, planning actions to solve the problems, and proposing solutions related to the SDGs' awareness. In other words, SDGs, which we aim for, are the global goals for building a sustainable society, including zero hunger, clean energy for all, responsibility to use and create, and disaster forecasting and response. In addition to improving communication and presentation skills, students will share their awareness of multifaceted issues, such as regional differences in each country and differences in perspectives on issues between fields and foster an attitude of critical reconsideration of existing concepts.

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Collaborative Fieldwork in Science and Technology

The two faculties are located adjacent to each other at the Ito Campus of the university, with an on-campus farm and various demonstration and experimental facilities. Taking advantage of this, the two faculties will discuss and share their awareness of problems and solutions to the issues they have identified through experience in each other's fields in a workshop format.

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Technical Communication 1~3

Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for writing academic papers, oral presentations, and poster presentations, including scientific ethics and database usage, essential for scientists and engineers. Students from the agriculture and engineering departments will work together in a friendly competition to acquire an interactive perspective and a broad awareness of research issues.

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Japanese Language Courses

After 1.5 year intensive Japanese learning in KIKAN education, we provide special Japanese language course that help our students enrich their study life in Japan and develop their potential and ability to be active in the future world. Three-level courses of small classes are offered: Active Japanese Ⅰ,Ⅱ(Pre-Intermediate-Low Intermediate), Progressive Japanese I, II (High-Intermediate and above), and Japanese Business Communication for Japanese students (Advanced and above). 

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